This event is organized and sponsored by A1A (Amendment One Activists,) a 501(c)(4) Organization.  You may make donations to Vero Pride 2018 (or our Scholarship fund specifically) via Paypal.

Katie Gastley | Co-Founder, Marketing Director 
Shelley Adelle | Co-Founder, Communications Director
Stephanie Hocke | Co-Founder, Business Director

A1A Events
VeroPride, Thank-A-Uniform at Walking Tree Brewery, SantaCon benefitting The Healthy Start Coalition, March for Science & Lagoon Education Seminar/Poster Making, Commissioner’s Office Rally for Under Privileged Children’s Fund of IRC, Numerous Write-In’s coinciding with The Women’s March, Parkland Massacre, and more.

A1A Mission Statement
Policy Influencers & Party Neutral we are an Activism Based Organization who exercise our First Amendment Rights through Events and Outreach.

A1A Principles & Purpose
The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution outlines the Principles that guide the A1A Organization. They guarantee the Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly and the right to Petition the Government in order to uphold its greater goal of securing Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Common Defense, General Welfare, Liberty and Prosperity for ALL Citizens. Our Purpose is to create opportunities for citizens of all stripes to come together and edify these rights while building common ground and community.